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Niche Marketing Tools: Underground Training Lab Blog

Self proclaimed “super affiliate” Jeff Johnson runs a blog named Underground Training Lab. Jeff mostly writes about affiliate strategies and SEO techniques, offering quality content and tips that any niche marketer can use immediately.

Jeff combines both text and video, giving the reader delivery options. As with most quality blogs, Jeff also offers RSS feeds so that you can stay up with his latest postings. If you like what you see, you can also follow Jeff via Facebook and Twitter.

While you’ll find a sprinkling of offers on this blog, most of the content on the front page is free for the reader. This is a good source of information for affiliate marketers who want to learn new techniques and maybe pick up some extra sales.

You can find the Underground Training Lab blog at the following link:

==> Underground Training Lab


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Niche Marketing Tools: Internet Business Tutorials

Aussie Internet Marketer Michael Cobb recently released a new collection of 23 instructional video tutorials called “Internet Business Tutorials”. This series of step-by-step video tutorials teach you the right way to set up each aspect of an Internet business.

And the best part is… they are FREE.

Of course, Michael also has a set of special offers for you to consider purchasing – and you are free to do so if you wish – but the full set of Internet Business Tutorials really are free. No catches. No gimmicks.

The 23 videos contain lots of useful information including:

·        Setting up your domain

·        Setting up a hosting account

·        Using Clickbank

·        Using PayPal

·        Adding video and audio to your site

·        Setting up an autoresponder

·        Creating a re-direct page

If you’re struggling to make your Internet business profitable because you just don’t know how to perform some of the “techy” stuff, these 23 videos will be a HUGE benefit to you.

Even if you already have a thriving Internet marketing business, these tutorials will help you push onward, and may even increase your profits.

I don’t know how long Michael will leave these free videos up, so stop by today and get your Internet business going. You will be able to view the videos online or download them for later viewing as soon as you have activated your free membership. You can sign up for your video tutorials here:

=> Internet Business Tutorials



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The 30 Day Challenge: Hope or Hype?

Ed Dale and friends are at it again. Beginning August 1st of each year, the “wonders from down under” produce one of the finest niche marketing courses on the Internet; and this year is no different.

This free, self-guided marketing course takes you through the four main stages of successful Internet marketing: market research, traffic building, sales conversion, and product creation. Each day of the 30 Day Challenge offers one to five short videos, along with PDF transcripts, dedicated to a particular topic.

The team discusses cutting edge marketing tools including (this year): Market Samurai, Traffic Bug. Word Press Direct, and a host of tools offered up by Google.

The objecting of the challenge is to bring the new Internet marketer from concept, to their first sale, within 30 days. The kicker is that they pull this off using tools that are free, or in the case of domain registration and hosting, low priced.

This is the second year that I have followed along in the challenge. I have learned enumerable lessons, and have been introduced to tools and techniques that save me hours each day in my own consulting business.

Do they offer hope? Yes. Is it hype? No. Is there work involved to become successful, even with this training? Of course there is. The only Internet marketer that wouldn’t benefit from this training is the one that isn’t motivated to actually do the work.

August is over, but the training is still available on-line. If you are serious about improving your Internet marketing skills, stop by the 30 Day Challenge and sign up for your free lessons.

You’ll be glad you did.

30-Day Challenge 2009


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Welcome to the Niche Marketing Blog

My name is Scott Spooner and I am an Internet Marketing Consultant in the Los Angeles area. I consult in the areas of Strategic Internet Marketing, Niche Market Research, Traffic Building Strategies, and Sales Conversion.

I have created this blog to discuss the topics, resources, and tools available for niche marketing, market segmentation, and market research.

Along the way, I’ll be reviewing the latest trends, research tools, and resources available to the Internet marketing community. I’ll also be discussing the latest product launches – giving both pros and cons of the products offered – so that you’ll have a source of independent information upon which you can make your buying decisions.

I want this blog to be a two-way conversation. Feel free to post your comments, disagree with my viewpoints, and share your thoughts as they pertain to the world of on-line niche marketing. All that I ask from you is the following: 1) stay “on-topic” with your comments, and; 2) respect the opinions of others.

My background leans me towards both strategic thinking and market research. I believe that better management decisions can only come from better quality data; and that data only comes from thoughtful, and well planned research.

I hope you enjoy our niche marketing and market research discussions. I look forward to hearing from you.

Scott Spooner

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