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4 Vital Steps on How to Make Money Online With Niche Marketing

Everyone talks about Niche Marketing and thousands if not millions of people are either making money online with it or want to make money online with it. For those new to Niche Marketing, we describe it as taking a little piece from a big pie. As an example the weight loss industry is the large pie and the piece of the pie or “niche market” could be loosing weight with natural juices. The more narrower you get the tighter the niche market and you will be focusing more on one group of people as oppose to something so borad like weight loss.
Here are four easy steps that will help you make money online with Niche Marketing:

1. Keyword Research- Researching the right keywords is so important that if you do this wrong or don’t do the right amount of research, your niche site may not appear in the search engines and you may not be targeting the right group of people.

2. Article Marketing- A great article with the right keywords can get you a long way. You will need to write an article that will not only help the reader get what they want out of it, but it will also need to have that keyword to attract more viewers to your website.

3. Monetization- This is the whole reason why we are into niche marketing. Some of us forget that we can add banners, ads, and products on our website to monetize it and are missing out on a huge chunk of money. You can promote products or services to your readers according to your niche market and keyword research.

4. Promotion- There are so many people that want to make money online and are entering the niche marketing industry that you absolutely must promote your sites. Whether it is through article marketing, back linking, or however, you must get more people to look at your sites.

All of these are all very important steps that will determine the profitability of your site and they must all be used correctly. Everyone wants to make money online in and industry so large like niche marketing, but not many of us know what it takes to start and maintain a great niche site.

I hope you found these steps valuable to your niche marketing business. To find out more on niche marketing and starting an online business you can visit me at Make Money online with Dave.

For more information on how to execute these 4 steps more accurately, click here.

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Marketing Segmentation, Targeting, and Positioning





Here we find a brief presentation on Marketing Segmentation, Targeting, and Positioning. Included are topcis on demographics, psychographics, and various ways of looking at market segments. This video contains no sound, but can be easily used as a study aid.

Duration : 0:6:1

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Finding Profitable Niche Markets – 5 Step System





This video comes to us from the Jeff Smith at The video description reads,  “Applying this 5-Step system for uncovering profitable niche market opportunities is as good as writing yourself a lifetime’s worth of checks to your own account. Watch as we share this proven, simple and highly effective 5-step forumula for uncovering niche markets for online businesses and information products to sell online.”

The steps referred to in the video include: size and scope of the market, distribution channels, keyword research, trend watching, testing the market, how to position youreslf in the market.

Duration : 0:7:47

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Target Market Research — Identify your target audience!





Before you or your business can become successful you must identify who your target audience is! Start by conductings some market research and discover which niche market you are targeting! This short video offers a few tips on how to begin thinking about who your target market is, and what problems they might have that you can solve. The sound quality is poor, so you’ll need to turn your speakers up.

This video is brought to you from the folks at

Duration : 0:1:26

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What is Niche Marketing?

Niche marketing is an essential component to making money as an affiliate. It is simply finding products or services to sell in a certain area of interest and building your marketing efforts around that topic. Dogs, gardening, and working at home are examples of niches.

Niche marketing works because it revolves more around information rather than products and services. People love information and getting more information is why they search the internet. If you present someone with some valuable information in an area that they’re interested in, and you provide them with a product or service that provides a solution to a problem or a desire they have in that area, then you’re going to make money.

Broad vs Narrow Niches

Dogs is an example of a broad niche. Dog training is a more specific and narrow niche within the dog niche. The more specific your niche, the better chance you have to make money. However, if your niche is so specific, like dog leashes made of licorice, that only a few people are interested in it, then you aren’t likely to make money with that niche!

Finding A Good Niche

So how do you find a good niche? Well, your best bet is to pick an area that is of interest to you. Why? Because it will be easier for you to come up with content about something that you enjoy and already have some knowledge of. If you feel it is too broad, then think about how you can narrow it down. If you like to garden, maybe try vegetable gardening or flower gardening.

Another great way to find profitable niches is to do simple internet searches surrounding pretty much anything that interests you. Plop in a few keywords into Google and see what pops up. Looking at the paid listings along the side will give you an idea of what kind of products or services are related to your interests.

Once you’ve found your niche and some products or services within that niche, then you’ll need to create either a website or a blog about your niche. If you don’t have your own hosting, the easiest way to get going is to get a free blog from Include your affiliate links in your posts or as advertisements.

Are you a complete internet marketing newb? If so, start here You don’t need a website or even a blog to make money, and its free to try.

Find much more information on niche marketing at The Work At Home Information Blog

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Steal This Niche – How To Do Keyword Research





Here’s a great littlwe video from Michelle MacPhearson and our friends over at In this video, Michelle shows us how to conduct keyword and niche market research quickly & easily using the Market Samurai software. You’ll watch Michelle as she uncovers high traffic and low competition keywords. 

Stop by to see the the full series. Or go to to learn how to build and promote a site targeting the niche keyword uncovered in this video.

Duration : 0:7:3

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Micro Niche Finder: Overview Tutorial





This video comes to us from the folks at, and reviews the main features of Micro Niche Finder. The narrator walks through the steps involving in identifying a profitable niche. He provides key numbers for “exact phrase count”, “OCI”, and “strength of competition” metrics.

If you need help finding marketing software out on the Internett and are looking for reviews and tutorial videos on how to use the software, then stop by

Duration : 0:9:43

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Market Segmentation: a case study





This short video looks academic, but it packs an important, real-world marketing lesson for anybody that feels that they have to sell based on price alone. The example given here will encourage you to learn more about your various market segments, and will help you to avoid the “price commodity trap”.


Duration : 0:4:43

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Finding Your Niche – Niche Market Selection





Looking for ways to find your niche? This video, brought to us from the folks at, demonstrates a neat trick while using the website content feature in Google’s Keyword Tool.

The video is short and to the point. The Google tool is free to use and there is no need to sign-up for anything. You’ll find this demonstration useful if you are looking for, or already have, a niche. Good for both bloggers and web site (product oriented) owners.

Duration : 0:4:47

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Market Segmentation





Here is a video project which was made by a group of five Laurentian University students. The tone is hip and laid-back, and the script is somewhat tongue-in-cheek, but the concepts of market segmentation come through.

This is short, but fun video that will visually introduce you to the concepts of markets (no pun intended) and how they can be segmented into sub-groups and niches.

Duration : 0:2:37

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