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My Walk 4 - It's A Niche Market

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By Scott Spooner

From niche marketing misconceptions, to the power of simple, small business ideas, here is the latest niche marketing news from around the blogosphere.

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What is a niche Market? It is simply a cluster of individuals with a standard interest. Some examples are hobbies, issues, needs, wants and lots of.

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Have you ever noticed how many times the simplest small business marketing ideas end up working the best?Who ever said small business marketing has to be hard?I.

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2010: David vs. Goliath

By Scott Spooner

This year I find myself thinking about what I want to accomplish. As Internet marketers, we have many business models before us: product creation, affiliate marketing, CPA marketing, joint ventures, and product launch marketing – the list goes on and on.

If we are smart, each of us will focus on one, or maybe two, of these strategies and then get busy with setting up efficient processes that will generate both profits and a long term business model. Before we are finished, however, we must also decide the approach we want to take in developing a market position. In short, we need to decide if we are David or Goliath.

In this example, David is a niche marketer. He or she has limited capital, lots of ideas, and a desire to gain a foothold within a niche from which his or her sales can expand. While David may want to dominate the niche, he or she understands that every journey has a beginning, and that beginning starts with a single step.

Staring David in the eyes is Goliath. Goliath is a large well-establish company, with an authority presence in the marketplace. Goliath has lots of capital, time, resources, and ideas. Goliath’s strength is also his or her weakness.

The Goliaths of the world tend to be cumbersome and slow to seize opportunities. David is better positioned to take quick action; but sometimes needs to be prodded into taking that action.

I mention all of this because, as we look everywhere we see many Goliaths; the big corporations that are generating lots of sales and revenues. Too often, the Davids of the world try to emulate the Goliaths, both in form and function. We set our eyes on branding our products, services and companies, instead of attacking a poorly defended niche to gain our foothold.

Ultimately, most Davids lose the battle simply due to lack of capital and resources; that is, we simply can not compete head to head with the Goliaths of the world, and we burn through our time and money in the process of doing so. Goliath wins because he or she has the capacity to outlast David.

The answer for David is to realize that he or she is, well, David. Do what David does best. Find your opportunities, take action, and strike. Re-set, and strike again. Gain a foothold, then another then another. Allow the branding to occur as a result of your interlocking niche building, and not the other way around.

So, as 2010 unfolds, consider your marketing approach: are you a “David” (niche marketer, nimble and focused), or a “Goliath” (capital and resource rich, with branding in mind). If you are a “David”, then set your marketing and business strategies to make the most of your strengths, while minimizing your weaknesses.

Here’s to a prosperous year.


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