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How To Add Value As a Social Media Marketer – One Easy Tip To Distinguish Yourself

Become a location based marketing expert

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[Editor’s note: Location based marketing services continue to be red hot. With the continuing soft economy, it is more important than ever for all marketers and business owners to see themselves as niche marketers. This is never more true than when it comes to smaller, local businesses; businesses that rely on local foot traffic to stay in business. Instead of focusing on the services themselves, this week’s guest article focuses on how to distinguish yourself as an expert in providing location based services to your local marketplace. Let me know what you think by leaving a comment below. ~Scott]

By Matt Bodnar

The increasing popularity of social media marketing and the explosion of traditional marketers and so-called “experts” pouring into the field has made it tougher for top notch social media marketers to distinguish themselves and rise above the fray. How do you bring real value to your clients and get a leg up in the highly competitive social media space?

The number one thing you can do to add value for your customers and most importantly distinguish yourself is to find a specialty or niche that you can deliver expert content to your clients in. The mainstream platforms are already saturated and its tough to carve out a meaningful niche. Everyone these days is an expert on Twitter, Facebook, and the other major platforms – it’s tough to find clients these days that you can offer a unique specialty to.

One of the new frontiers in social media marketing is location based marketing. Location based marketing presents the single best opportunity right now for social media marketers to become an expert in a cutting edge new area. Services like Foursquare and Gowalla are on the verge of going mainstream and offer great value for businesses if used properly.

There are very few social media experts right now who know anything about location based marketing and there is a real opportunity for forward thinking social media marketers to become experts in this new field before it becomes saturated.

Becoming an early expert gives you huge advantages over those who pile in after the service is already hot – think about people like Gary Vaynerchuck who pioneered some of the now-mainstream social media marketing tactics and became a leader in the industry.

Those who put in the focus and time now before location based marketing explodes will be the ones who ride the waves, and the profits, to the top.

How do you learn more? Go out and start using these services to get more familiar with them. Get Foursquare on your phone and try it out.

To learn how to apply location based marketing to a business and the proven tactics and strategies, the options are limited right now since this is such a new field. However, the leading guide on the market right now is “How To Use Location Based Marketing to Grow Your Business.” You can get the first two chapters for free at the bottom of this page.

So what are you waiting for? Go out there and become an expert now before the industry takes off. Location based marketing has a huge future and those who get in on the ground floor have the largest rewards to reap.

Matt Bodnar is a restaurant entrepreneur with a passion for social media. Visit to learn more about location based marketing and download a free how-to guide giving you tips and strategies for using location based marketing.

(C) Copyright – Matt Bodnar. All Rights Reserved Worldwide.

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