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Niche Marketing – 3 Simple Steps to Finding a Profitable Niche Market Online Within 5 Minutes

Niche marketing strategy

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[Editor’s note: As the global economy continues to remain soft, marketers and business owners alike are being forced into narrower and narrower niches in order to appeal to customer needs. Today’s guest article reviews the concept niche marketing and explains how to get started as an on-line niche marketer in a short period of time. Are you finding niche marketing tougher these days? Tell me what you think by leaving a comment below. ~Scott]


If you are struggling to find a profitable niche that will generate income for you, then this article will save you lots of time to do the research and ultimately, this method will help you to find a profitable niche within 5 minutes or less from now. When selling a product, you need do the research to find a market first that spends money, then find out what they want and give it to them. After that, you will need to find main phrases for the niche and find out if your niche is making money. After finish reading this article, you will know how to find a profitable niche within 5 minutes without spending any money.

1.) Research

The Example I am about to give is the exact method I use to find hungry niches and is quite easy to do! You may not find your hobby or interest is a profitable one but at least it gives you a starting point. Just think of things that you enjoy doing like cooking, playing computer games, fishing, collecting stamps etc… The site that I use to do the research is at Google Keyword Tool. It lets you see the amount of Google results and the amount people are paying per click on Google AdWords. The next step we going to do is to find popular phrases in your niche

2.) Find main phrases in your niche market

Type in the main keyword for your niche and search for it. Bear mind though you need a good number of searches to make this a profitable income stream for you. Different marketers will tell you different numbers depending on their own point of view. I try to stick to above 2,000 a month searches for a niche term in UK or US. So you should now do the same and pick the top 5 phrases that are being most searched for in your niche. If your niche has less than 2000 searches per month then you will need to find another and try and think of another niche with more search results. So, the next thing you would need to find out is if the niche will make you any money!

3.) Find out if your niche will make you money

Bear in mind that there is no guarantees that you will make money with your product, however if you follow this step it should make 99% sure that there is a market for the taking! Go to Google and type in the top phrase. Once you have typed in your main phrase the first thing you should look at is the number of search results the query has. This is a lot of results and that normally means there is a market there.The next thing you should do is look at the number of AdWords (sponsored Links) the phrase has. These are adverts people place on Google for certain phrases. Basically the more profitable a market the more people will bid to place their ads.

Now that is the proven system to find a profitable niche market. You learned how to do the research in your niche market, you learned how to find the top 5 main phrases for your niche, and you learned how to find out if your niche will make you money. Now you have everything you need to know to find a profitable niche for free to generate income for you.

Christopher Sia, a 21 year old kid without any college education, started making money online everyday after learning his mentor’s proven system.

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Social Media: 5 Trends to Consider

Social Media and Niche Marketing

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[Editor’s note: Today’s guest article focuses on social media trends that have recently emerged and that can be leveraged by smart niche marketers to create more traffic and more sales. Take a look at these trends and consider incorporating one or more of them into your current marketing mix. Let me know what you think by posting a comment below.  ~Scott]


Does the concept of starting a social media marketing campaign scare you? Don’t let it. While social media sites are quickly growing, they’re also becoming easier to use and are welcoming not only social butterflies but businesses as well. Social media marketing is slowly but surely finding its way into the standard marketing campaign – and for good reason. Here are some of the trends we’ve noticed over the past year.

A Lack of Control

When venturing into the world of social media, it is important to remember that you will have very little control over the actions and mindsets of your followers or fans. Take Facebook, for example. You may decide to build a business page for your organization but you may also find that your fans have created fan pages of their own – unofficial pages where they have chosen to network and talk about your products or services. While that shouldn’t discourage you from building your own page, it should encourage you to check out what others are doing or saying in an effort to monitor and protect your brand.

Exploring Collective Sales

The past year has introduced the concept of collective sales, or collective buying, to the social media marketing platform as well. Sites like Groupon offer businesses a set amount of guaranteed sales. You, as a business, will offer a steep discount but an individual can only take advantage of it if a guaranteed number of people make the purchase. Those clients may not turn into regular customers, but the collective sale will give you the opportunity to gain hundreds of new customers literally overnight.

Location Based Marketing

Technology is an incredible thing and advances in the way people can connect to the internet and, in turn, their social networks has had a huge influence on social media marketing. Anyone with a smartphone or an iPad can access the internet and many love checking in on social applications like Loopt and Foursquare. Even Facebook and Twitter have added applications that allow people to report where they are. Many business with storefronts are now offering incentives, ranging from discounts to free products, to customers who post that they are in the shop.

Social Networks and Gaming

Many social networks, including Facebook, feature incredibly popular games. Despite your hesitance, it’s important to recognize that millions of people are playing the games offered by social networking groups each day. Pretty soon, you’ll be able to advertise within these games. At the very least, you may be able to include your product in virtual form so that those playing can buy your services. They may just decide to do so in real life, too.

Social Media Experts

While social media was at one time completely free, trends now point towards the incorporation of social media experts into the overall marketing plan. These experts have experience setting up Twitter profiles or Facebook pages, making customizations and changes that will give you the most professional and appealing face possible. It’s all about building your brand, and an expert can help you set things up right from the start.

Social media marketing is growing by leaps and bounds and many businesses, from Toyota to Nike, are marketing their social networking pages (especially their Facebook fan pages) even more heavily than their own websites. It’s a trend in itself and will continue to grow over the next few years. Don’t launch an online business (or an offline business with a web presence) without adding social media to your marketing campaign. It’s guaranteed to make a huge difference.

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Location, Location, Location

Location Based Marketing Services

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[Editor’s note: Today’s guest article focuses on location based marketing and the growing popularity of smart phones. Smart niche marketers are picking up on this trend and using it to develop micro-niche marketing strategies for targeting core audience segments. Mass retailers and local merchants alike can exploit the opportunities of location based marketing. Let me know how you are using these niche marketing strategies for your business. Leave me a comment below. ~Scott]



Location Based Marketing

It wasn’t so long ago that businesses advertised on TV, radio, billboards, direct mail and the like… the so-called ‘traditional’ media. These mediums promised lots of impressions but were limited in the amount of targeting they offered. So, while a lot of people would see or hear your ad, it was hit or miss as to whether or not they were actually in the market for what you were selling. On top of that, the pricing models for these types of media made them fairly prohibitive for anyone other than large companies and organizations with dedicated advertising budgets.

With the advent of the internet marketing, and of the Google Adwords model, businesses big and small found a new way to reach potential customers. Business owners could now reach out to people who they knew were not only interested in their particular product or service but were, in fact, searching for it at that very moment. This type of highly targeted advertising promised significantly higher ROI and made for a much lower cost to entry for those businesses that didn’t have money to spend on expensive advertising campaigns. The only real disadvantage was the fact that the user had to be in front of their computer to see your ad. Maybe not so bad for everyone, but it doesn’t necessarily do proximity-based businesses like the restaurant or coffee shop down the street too much good.

Enter the smartphone.

Almost 20% of all mobile phone users in the US are on smartphones today and that number is closer to 25% worldwide. Since March of this year, the US alone has seen a 36% increase in smartphone adoption (via Mashable) and that rate doesn’t show any signs of slowing. While the heavy-hitters dominating the smartphone landscape at the moment are Apple’s iPhone and Google’s wealth of Android based phones, there are a number of other handsets which offer users the standard smartphone functionality, including internet access and GPS. With so many mobile phones now equipped with these types of features, a new branch of applications, deemed ‘location-based services‘, have emerged which allow users to broadcast their physical location at any given time. In turn, services such as Foursquare now allow businesses the ability to offer incentives to nearby users who ‘check-in’ at their location, providing an unprecedented opportunity to reach potential customers when they are close by and most likely to engage with your brand. In addition, these services provide businesses access to analytics dashboards containing a wealth of information such as who is coming to your business, when they are coming, what they had to say about it and where they went afterwards. And the best part… it’s all free.

Until recently, these location-based services were used primarily by the early adopter crowd (think Twitter, before it was as popular as it is today) and had yet to make their way into what might be considered mainstream culture. Just last week however, the social networking giant Facebook announced its entry into the location realm with the release of its ‘Places’ service, thrusting the concept of location-based social networking into the limelight and increasing the number of people with the ability to start checking-in to more than 150 million overnight.

A number of big brands are already engaging their customers through these services in new and interesting ways and the benefits of using location-based networking is only now becoming truly evident. As mobile phone usage continues to skyrocket and location services become more prevalent and advanced, savvy businesses will have opportunities to reach potential customers in ways that have never before been possible. While a fully ‘integrated’ marketing approach used to entail both offline and online initiatives, there is now a third element that should be considered when formulating your marketing plan… location. There is no doubt that location-based marketing will soon be as mainstream as having a website, but the companies who get involved early will benefit the most as they gain the valuable experience that other organizations will have to make up for later. What’s your business doing to engage customers?

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