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3 Truths About Niche Marketing & Finding Hot Niches

[Editor’s note: Here is a short, but “in-your-face”, article that discusses three truths for successful niche marketing. Follow this advice and you’ll stand a better chance of succeeding in your market; ignore them at your businesses’ peril. Let me know what you think? Do you follow these there truths? Leave me a comment below.]



The reason your online earnings have not been exactly earth shattering could well be that the niche marketing strategyyou are using is missing the mark.

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Searching for the truth in Niche Marketing

In other words the “hot niches” you have been targeting may have either lost their popularity or have too much competition to make it worthwhile for you.

Let’s face it, working in a hot niche like web hosting, for example, is without doubt hot, but the competition is so great that to make anything like decent money from it would take a mammoth marketing effort which could be beyond the capabilities of the home online entrepreneur.

So What Are the 3 Truths to Successful Niche Marketing?

The following are the key elements to finding and profiting from lesser known niches.

1. Positioning your business is key to its success.

This means that trying to provide a service or product to cater to everyone’s needs will render your business’ marketing strategy weak and ineffective because it is not targeting a niche market.

The strategy of throwing enough mud against the wall & hoping that some of it will stick is not a sustainable strategy to bring in a constant income stream. So your business needs to be positioned to target a specific niche.

2. Hot Niches that have not been well researched will not necessarily be profitable.

What may seem like a hot niche may not be the right niche for you and your business.

Some niches which are hot today may be only lukewarm tomorrow and not worth spending any time marketing – flogging a dead horse ain’t gonna make it run.

Furthermore even it remains hot it may be too hot for your online marketing capacity and too competitive for you too benefit from. A niche needs to be well researched to ensure that it has the required long term demand as well as not being too competitive.

3. Become an expert in your niche market

If you are something of an expert in your niche, you will be able to leverage that to make your business stand out from the competition as an authority on the subject be it photography or body building.

So finally, by basing your business on these niche marketing strategies, you will ensure that you are well placed to capitalize and grab your piece of the billion dollar internet marketing pie.

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Reassessing Your Niche Market

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Market segments and niche markets

By Scott Spooner

Many sectors of the economy, both here in the United States and abroad, are beginning to show sings of growth. While that growth will likely remain sluggish and uneven for another year or two, the trends are definitely positive. This equals “opportunity” for the smart niche marketer who is still in the game and focused on his or her market segment.

Now is the time to reassess your niche market. Savvy business owners and managers will use this time to conduct new keyword analyses to make sure that they have their proverbial fingers on the pulse of search users. They will also be reevaluating their competitors to see who is left standing in the market, and what positions they currently occupy.

Results from market research conducted a couple of years ago may no longer be valid. Worse yet, assumptions made yesterday made lead your company down blind alleys in the changing world of today.

So, dust off your favorite keyword and competitor research tools and get busy crunching some numbers. Get reacquainted with your industry blogs and forums and keep abreast on the latest innovations, conversations, and challenges. Speak with your customers and see if their needs or wants have changed. Try and uncover new opportunities for your niche and your market.

The road ahead is bright for those who seize those opportunities. Happy hunting!

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