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About Us

The Niche Marketing Blog is a blog that is published by ProActive Management Systems, a strategic Internet marketing company.

We specialize in providing the following on-line marketing solutions:

Traffic Building
Just because you have a web site or blog doesn’t mean that your audience will either find you or bother to stop by for a visit. We build traffic to your site through both Search Engine Optimization (SEO) and Social Media Engagement (SME).

Using state-of-the art keyword research techniques, combined with the latest SEO strategies, we get your page ranked high in the search engines so that your customers can find you. These powerful strategies work well with both the natural search results and Pay-Per-Click advertising campaigns.

We also constantly monitor dozens of social media sites (like Facebook, Twitter, Digg, StumbleUpon, etc.) to both locate your targeted audience and engage them in an ongoing dialog about their wants, needs, and desires. We also offer content creation and distribution services to position your company as the authority site on the Internet.

List Development
It is often said that “the money is in the list”. We would like to add that the money is really in the relationship that you have with your list.

In the world of online marketing, your marketing list is your single most valuable asset. Using advanced lead-capture techniques, we capture contact information from your visitors to build that marketing list.

Then using sophisticated autoresponder software we create a marketing campaign to develop an ongoing relationship with your prospects. The result is that you are there when your prospect enters the final phase of the buying cycle.

Sales Conversion
Driving traffic to your site, and creating a “back-end” marketing campaign are useless unless you can convert the prospect into a paying customer.

Our team of site developers, researchers, and copy writers can assist you in making the necessary strategic decisions to increase your sales conversions.

The bottom line is: we help you increase your bottom line.


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