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Google’s Keyword Planner Tool

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By Scott Spooner

If you are a niche marketer, then, no doubt, one of the “must have” tools in your toolkit is the Google Keyword Tool. This tool is one of the bets fre resources on the Internet for researching keywords, from generating relevant keywords lists, to identifying long-tail keywords, and from assessing the level of compeition for a given keyword phrase, to budgeting the “cost-per-click” estimates for running an AdWords account.

This tool is a tried and true favorite of mine, as well as a “go-to” favorite for many of my clients. Google, however, has other ideas about the future of this tool. In fact, in the near future Google will be removing the keyword tool form its lineup. Not to worry, though. Google is planning on replacing their venerable keyword tool with a much expanded Keyword Planner Tool.

The nw Keyword Planner Tool is still in beta, but can be accessed via the Google AdWords link. While still free, you will have to have a Google account to access the tool once it goes live.

I have put together and posted on YouTube a short, 4-minute, video which provides an overview of the new keyword planner tool. You can watch the video here: Google Keyword Planner Tool.

Let me know what you think about this new keyword tool. Also, send me a note if you want a more in-depth set of videos explaining how to use this new tool.

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How to Get Website Traffic Using Articles

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Niche article writing

[Editor’s note: We continue our series of web site traffic building strategies by looking at article writing. By writing high quality articles, containing targeted keywords, and then submitting those articles to article directories, you can dramatically increase the number of readers who will see your writing. If you are clever, you will write your articles in such a way that many of these readers will then visit your web site or blog to obtain more information.

Despite the “sky is falling” predictions surrounding Google’s “Panda” update* offered by some traffic gurus, article writing is still a cost effective way to generate traffic – sometimes massive traffic – to your site. Today’s guest article foscues on the “how-to” end of article writing.  Niche marketing writers continue to use this strategy to good effect. What do you think? Let me know if article writing has worked for you, or if you need more information on how to get started writing articles. Feel free to leave me a comment below.  ~Scott]


(*Don’t worry if you’ve never heard of Google’s “Panda” update Just get busy writing those articles!  ~Scott)


By Pat Turman

There are numerous ways to get website traffic and I am going to talk about one of the easiest ways to do it. What I’m talking about is writing articles to generate traffic to your website.

Writing articles with good content around a product or service you are offering and then submitting these articles to article directories is a great way to generate website traffic. However there are three key points you may want to remember.

1. Do good keyword research first. A key component is writing an article around a keyword or keyword phrase that you are using to target your web audience. Say for instance you are selling floormats for a Toyota FJ Cruiser SUV. You need to research via the internet various keywords or keyword phrases that one may use in the search engines to find floormats for this vehicle.

Once you find relevant words and phrases, determine how many searches are being done using those words and phrases, then check out your competition. If you determine those keywords are what you will target then you move on to number two.

2. Write quality informative content around the keywords and phrases in relationship to your product. Again using the example above. You can formulate articles around floormats for different year FJ Cruisers, cargo area mats, rubber mats, carpeted mats, and different color mats. There are many options. A rule of thumb is to write articles that are at least 400 words or more. This gives relevance to your content. As we say content is “King”.

Make sure you write the articles with information that you believe, from your research, your targeted audience is looking for. Make sure you add the keywords and phrases throughout your article so the search engines can find your information.

But don’t stuff you articles with keywords because they will be rejected by the article directories and deemed clunky or unreadable. Try to stay within 1 percent to no more than 2 percent keyword density within your article. Therefore with a 400 word count article you should have no more than 4 keywords.

3. Once you have your articles written then you can start submitting them to different article directories. You will need to set up an account with the directories first. Some article directories are free and some may cost a small fee. I recommend starting off with the free directories to drive website traffic to your site and see how it goes.

Make sure you read the terms and conditions of the directories to know where you can put your links to your affiliate products or your website. By placing links in your article you can direct the viewer back to your website where you provide additional information, offer the visitor a product, or explain your service to them.

Article marketing is a great way to start building links to your website which is a plus in the search engines. As more people find your information, find your information relevant to what they are searching for, and then click through to your website you begin to see an increase in website traffic.

Hopefully you have learned a little more about using articles to increase your website traffic. If you would like more information and find the top 25 article directories to submit your articles to check out my website at Niche Business 101.

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Creating a Keyword List for a Niche Market

In this Snowcast ( ) Loren demonstrates some simple techniques to finding “keyword seeds” and expand them to get hundreds (or thousands) of keywords relevant to a given market niche.

Using freely available tools, such as the excellent (and free!) Keyword Tool available from SEOBook (, we see just how easy it is to learn a lot about the web traffic available to your markets.

For more web marketing screencasts, advice, and consulting, check out

Duration : 0:9:58

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