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Daily Location-Based Marketing Re-cap

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Voxeo Rolls Out Location-Based Intelligence with Voice Self-Service Apps

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Five Things You Need to Know Today: March 29

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Location-Based Tools Tying Music to Local Experiences

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Location-Based Marketing For Brick and Mortar Businesses

Location based marketing

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[Editor’s note: Today’s guest article is focused on “location-based marketing“. As location-based marketing gains a foothold, more and more companies are finding novel ways to use emerging technolgoies to reach prospects and customers. The ability to direct a message to a previously opted-in prospect is a powerful marketing strategy. As technology advances, even the smallest of brick and mortar businesses can target customers with incentives to stop in and shop. ~Scott]


Mobile marketing can be a powerful and unique medium, but mobile campaigns are not for everyone. Not yet anyway. There’s a lot of opportunity for big brands who are looking to advertise in new and innovative ways. After all, big brands have the resources and budget to test the waters. If their initial attempts fail, it’s not the end of the world and it’s not going to break their bank.

So, is there room in this medium for the smaller guys?

I think there’s one specific area of mobile marketing that is suited incredibly well for brick and mortar businesses of any size, especially in areas with high foot traffic. Particularly retail stores, restaurants, bars and other event venues. This is Location-based marketing. With the differences in handset hardware and wireless and Blue Tooth technology, it’s probably too early in the game to determine how realistic this form of marketing is today, but it’s worth understanding how this can tie into your overall marketing efforts.

What is Location-based Marketing?

Location-based Marketing is the act of delivering targeted content directly to the user of a mobile device based upon their proximity to your business. This is usually done through SMS, known to most simply as text messaging. Information about your location is determined via built-in technologies such as GPS and Blue Tooth, which are quickly becoming standard in mobile devices. What it essentially comes down to is knowing when potential customers are in proximity to your business and sending them a targeted advertisement. This is truly the most direct form of direct marketing available.

How does it work?

Here’s an example: Maybe you’re walking down Ionia Ave. in Downtown Grand Rapids on a Saturday night deciding where to grab dinner and a drink. As you head down the street, you receive an offer via text message prompting you to stop into J Gardella’s for a free drink or to head over to Hopcat for half off an appetizer. Prior to receiving these messages, you’ve chosen to opt in to receive these messages through some other form of marketing. You’re a patron of both establishments and have already given them permission to market to you in this way, so you’re very receptive to such offers.

This is an interesting way for businesses to market to a very targeted group of people: those who are already out on the town on a Saturday night and are in close proximity to your business. Would you have the same success marketing that offer to the same group of people through a direct mailer or a website? Certainly not.

So let’s take it one step further and say you’ve successfully directed this foot traffic to your business but there’s a line at the door. With an effective mobile marketing campaign, a simple text message could allow your customers to be added to a waiting list.

While they’re waiting for a table, why not allow them retrieve a menu or list of specials via another text message?

A few minutes later, another message could let them know when their table is ready. Now your customers are seated and can effectively use the original text message as a coupon to redeem your offer.

Entertainment venues and clubs can use Located-based marketing to broadcast to customers by letting them know what time a show starts, who’s performing, how much tickets cost, etc. I’m a big fan of Dr. Grins Comedy Club at the B.O.B and every week I take a look at their Facebook page to see who’s appearing that weekend. I’d happily opt in to a service that would allow them to notify me of who’s performing and how much tickets cost when I’m in the area. If they wanted to offer any specials to get me in the door, even better.

What are some of the advantages of Location-based Marketing?

You can create a true sense of urgency.

Unlike advertisements distributed through mail or email, you can create coupons or offers that expire quickly — within 30 minutes to an hour, rather than weeks. You know your customers are already in the vicinity of your business and can leverage that to compel them to act out of impulse and urgency.

This creates the mentality that your customers need to act quickly to take advantage of the offer. This is something you can’t do that with a direct mailer.

You’re marketing to your customers at a time when they’re most likely to purchase.

Most forms of advertising will require your customer to remember an offer when and if they’re ready to act on it. If it’s a physical coupon, they need to cut it out, keep it handy and make sure they can actually find it when the time comes to redeem it. If that same coupon sits on their phone — which most people always have with them — you can eliminate the need for them to cut out and carry a piece of paper. I’ve never cut coupons but would be very likely to redeem something that was pushed directly to my phone.

If you are able to market to your customers via SMS as they enter your store, they’re more likely to be receptive to your offers and make a purchase than if you produce marketing that is focused on getting them through door in the first place.

You know exactly who you’re marketing to.

Unlike home phones and mailboxes, people don’t share mobile phones. You’re not marketing to a household or a home phone number that could be shared by several people — some who are in your target and others who are not. With traditional direct marketing, you always face the possibility that your message never reaches the person you intended it to go to.

About Opting-In

The idea of getting these advertisements in small doses would sit well with most people, but you certainly wouldn’t want to be bombarded with these advertisements the moment you step into a mall or walk down main street.

It’s up to the user to choose who they are interested in receiving this type of marketing from, through simple opt in procedures. The user has full control to determine who is able to market to them in this fashion. That’s why it’s important to integrate mobile advertising with your overall marketing campaign. Websites, print ads, radio spots, etc. can provide a direct call to action to opt in to these services by text messaging to a Short Code. These are small codes that you text in to a designated number to sign up for an offer, place a vote or be added to a mobile marketing database among other things.

Take a look at a detailed article I wrote on the subject called “Effective ways to get users to Opt In to your Mobile Campaign” for more detailed information on this topic as well as ideas on how to build a mobile marketing database.

An example of Opting In through Short Codes

How could this work in the case of our earlier examples, Gardella’s and Hopcat? Maybe you’re sitting at either place one night and see an advertisment at your table on a napkin or a drink coaster. Or perhaps a poster on the door or bathroom prompting you to text in to a Short Code to redeem a free drink or discount for joining the list. This could be a very effective way to build a mobile database of customers and offer them incentives for being marketing to in a very unique fashion.

So, while big brands may be the most likely candidates to jump into the mobile marketing arena, these are all interesting ways for brick and mortar businesses of any size to market to their customers in the most direct way possible.

Mark Swanson Mobile Web Marketing and Mobile Web Design Blog

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How to Make More Money With Mobile Marketing

mobile marketing

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By Andrew Rossillo

You could have the finest product line or set of services in the marketplace, but if you fail to market your offer right, no prospects will ever see or hear about it. Even if you are employing one of the latest online marketing tools, the outrageous rate of saturation of today’s marketplace means that people are constantly bombarded with a virtually infinite amount of marketing and advertising messages throughout the day. This makes it even more of a challenge to reach your target audience.

Because of this onslaught of marketing and advertising, our brains have actually become programmed to filter out a great degree of the messages that are fired at us. What new marketing tool consistently passes through our marketing and advertising filter? Mobile marketing and the awesome power of text messages! One of the reasons why businesses are experiencing great success with mobile marketing is because it features a fraction of the competition than other media-Internet and email tools are engrossed in a jam-packed and highly competitive environment.

For example: An email message usually has around a 10 percent success rate of actually being read. Text messages, however, feature over a 90 percent success rate of not only being read, but being read within the first 30 minutes of being received! While getting your marketing message out is important, having your message actually read is key to your business or organization experiencing record-breaking sales. What adds even more potency to this special type of marketing? It’s the only marketing media that reaches prospects and clients while they are on the go! Mobile marketing and text messages allow you to automatically update, announce, invite and communicate when you want and how you want!

Top Mobile Marketing Benefits:

  • Generate leads that you can continuously market to
  • Build a mobile database for lucrative follow-up
  • Reach customers instantly
  • Build relationships with customers
  • Learn more about your customers through surveys, polls and demographic info
  • Drive traffic to your business with the use of coupons, special deals, and event promotions

Your Chance to Be a Wealthy Pioneer

Very few businesses are actually taking advantage of mobile marketing right now. That’s because this type of marketing is where Internet marketing was back in 2000. That means you can get a gigantic head start by incorporating mobile marketing within your business today. Plus, you can easily integrate mobile marketing and text message marketing within any offline and online marketing campaign. Of course, this type of marketing is substantial enough to form a standalone marketing campaign.

If you’re questioning the type of potential you have with text message and mobile marketing then consider that there are 270 million mobile subscribers in the U.S. alone, and 91 percent of them are said to keep their phones within just a few feet of themselves 24 hours a day throughout the year! In addition, text message marketing has an incredible reach of almost 5 billion compared to Internet marketing’s reach of 1.7 billion.

Lucrative Lead Generation

Every time a prospect or customer opts into one of your text message offers (e.g. to get informational updates, coupons, discounts) that creates a lead. You now have the means to market to that person as much as you’d like. Take this opportunity to upsell, build belief in your business, provide additional value, increase attendance at events and just about anything else you can think of.

This is made even easier with the accompaniment of super simple database options that allow you to file all of your leads, so you can send out a blast to your entire database or use simple filters to send out to select groups within your database. Build a herd and market like there’s no tomorrow.

Plus, mobile marketing offers one of the most significant ROI’s possible among today’s leading marketing and media tools. Text message marketing is like having hundreds of obliging little marketing assistants hustling around doing all the work for you. All you have to do is press a few buttons and you’ll have instantly reached out to your entire database of leads, customers and prospects-with a 90 percent success rate of being read!

Andrew Rossillo is the primary copywriter and co-owner of Business Ball; a comprehensive business resource website. We’re all about helping as many people as possible, so please feel free to post our article on your website. We simply ask that you don’t alter the content and that you leave our link intact (

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Going Mobile

Graph showing smartphone marketshare for 2009

Image via Wikipedia

By Scott Spooner

In 1971,  British rock group, The Who, released their seminal album, Who’s Next, which featured a song titled Going Mobile. This was a song about a guy who decided to give up his rooted existence and go on the road.

39 years later, it looks like he’s got lots of company.

Recent research indicates that, on a daily basis, more people are accessing the Internet via their smart phones, than there are people emailing. That’s an astounding figure considering that smart phones weren’t even around a decade ago.

So, “mobile” has arrived and while not all pieces of the mobile landscape have been figured out, the smart business owners are already looking to mobile marketing strategies in an effort to get ahead of the curve.

What can you do to begin the process for your own business? Start by making sure that your web site is formatted for mobile devices.  If you are running a WordPress blog, it is a fairly simple process of installing one of several available plug-ins. I use WPTouch, but you can choose whichever one suits your tastes.

If you are running a web site, you will have to get into a little more programming. Contact your web site administrator and talk with him/her about adding some code that will allow the site to be formatted for mobile devices. Be aware that you will mostly likely have to set up an additional hosting service for the mobile site (I will cover this in another post).

Whatever you do (or do not do), understand that “mobile” is not only here to stay, but will most likely be the dominate platform of the near future.

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