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Google’s Keyword Planner Tool

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By Scott Spooner

If you are a niche marketer, then, no doubt, one of the “must have” tools in your toolkit is the Google Keyword Tool. This tool is one of the bets fre resources on the Internet for researching keywords, from generating relevant keywords lists, to identifying long-tail keywords, and from assessing the level of compeition for a given keyword phrase, to budgeting the “cost-per-click” estimates for running an AdWords account.

This tool is a tried and true favorite of mine, as well as a “go-to” favorite for many of my clients. Google, however, has other ideas about the future of this tool. In fact, in the near future Google will be removing the keyword tool form its lineup. Not to worry, though. Google is planning on replacing their venerable keyword tool with a much expanded Keyword Planner Tool.

The nw Keyword Planner Tool is still in beta, but can be accessed via the Google AdWords link. While still free, you will have to have a Google account to access the tool once it goes live.

I have put together and posted on YouTube a short, 4-minute, video which provides an overview of the new keyword planner tool. You can watch the video here: Google Keyword Planner Tool.

Let me know what you think about this new keyword tool. Also, send me a note if you want a more in-depth set of videos explaining how to use this new tool.

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