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Using Google’s SKtool To Find Niche Ideas

How to use Google’s search based keyword tool to find niche ideas. This short video is brought to us fro mthe folkjs at Noble Samurai, the creators of Market Samurai.

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Finding Profitable Niche Markets – 5 Step System





This video comes to us from the Jeff Smith at The video description reads,  “Applying this 5-Step system for uncovering profitable niche market opportunities is as good as writing yourself a lifetime’s worth of checks to your own account. Watch as we share this proven, simple and highly effective 5-step forumula for uncovering niche markets for online businesses and information products to sell online.”

The steps referred to in the video include: size and scope of the market, distribution channels, keyword research, trend watching, testing the market, how to position youreslf in the market.

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Niche Marketing Secrets: Go Deep, Not Wide

I was having a discussion with one of my clients this morning. He was trying to decide on which on-line niche he would focus his next campaign. He came up with the idea of writing a blog about diabetes.

Now diabetes certainly has a lot of search traffic each month. But, is it really a good niche? In fact, is it a niche at all? After conducting some keyword research, we found that diabetes was too broad of a term for any hope of landing on the front page of Google’s organic search.

You see, it isn’t enough to find a keyword phrase that has lots and lots of search traffic; that term must also be composed of “buyer keywords” (see my article on this blog). However, even the best buyer-keyword, with lots of traffic, still falls short if there is too much competition for that search term.

The secret for success lies in narrowly defining the niche, and then drilling down as deep as you can go within that niche to attract higher rankings; writing articles, making blog posts, commenting in forums, basically dominating that search term.

Most Internet marketers, however, choose the easier, and less profitable, route and end up using keywords that represent wide markets. Yes, there will be lots of traffic distributed throughout the market, but you are unlikely to capture any of it, at least in the short term.

To use the diabetes example above, our keyword research found that there were several promising (i.e. narrow, but deep) niches to be found within the wider market of diabetes; “diabetes exercise plans” and “diabetic teenagers” are but two examples.

Sure, there is less traffic to be found here, but there is also a much greater chance of ranking high enough in the search engines that you will actually be found by someone searching on these topics.

So, the next time you are considering a niche to enter, give some thought to narrowing your focus. Concentrate on buyer-keywords that have both enough traffic, and little competition.

In other words, “go deep, not wide”.


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Q & A: Advice on best niche markets?

Note: The following was reprinted from Yahoo! Answers.

Question: Would like to build an e-commerce site and looking for fun/weird/unique markets to reach. Any advice, product recommendations or niche market suggestions would be greatly appreciated! Thanks!

Answer: Well, first you said best. Then you said fun, weird and unique. The best niche markets are those that receive the most search engine traffic. An e-commerce website should show that you are an expert in that niche. That means you will be writing a lot of content, each of those articles using a popular keyword (or keyword phrase) related to the niche. What do you enjoy? What do you know that other people might not know? Write down a few potential niches. Use the Google Keyword tool to see how many searches and how many genre-specific keywords are being used in those searches.

A free eBook that might be helpful can be downloaded here:

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Finding a Good Niche: How To Maintain Your Focus

If you are planning on becoming a successful niche marketer, you will have to get used to the idea of dominating your niche. That means, you will have to become prolific in your marketing and promotion. Writing articles, commenting on blog posts, hanging out in forums – each of these are important elements in becoming a recognized expert in your niche of choice.

But, how do you maintain the motivation and enthusiasm needed to keep your focus. In short, follow your passions.

Here is a 3-minute YouTube video from Lisa at which helps explain this concept:


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Identifying Your Niche

Long before you get busy with keyword research, competitor analysis, or link-building strategies, you need to identify the niche market within which you will be competing.

Broadly speaking, a “niche” is a sub-set of a market; for example, “1956 Chevy’s” would be a niche in the “automobile” market.

Why do we want to identify a niche? The simple and most straight-forward answer has to do with your available resources. The vast majority of Internet marketers simply won’t have the resources – financial or otherwise – to successfully compete in broad markets. So, the only viable alternative is to pick a niche within a market where you can gain a foothold, and then successfully compete (that is, make a profit).

There is much to say about identifying niches from which to start your marketing. This post, however, will focus on how to come up with some niche “ideas” from which to begin your market research.

On-line Sources

Places such as and Yahoo Answers are good places to go for gathering niche ideas. Google Trends is another good place to go to find out what’s hot right now.

Web 2.0 properties, such as YouTube, Squidoo, Facebook, and Twitter, all have searchable databases where you can find good ideas.

Another route would be to follow the money. For a niche to be viable there has to be enough advertisers paying for ads to be put in front of targeted readers. As such, Google AdWords, and Yahoo Marketplace are also good places to locate niches worth considering. A good place to start would be to look for keywords that show four or more paid advertisers.

While you are on-line, search through the blogs and forums for selected markets. The presence of blogs and forums is a good indication that there is a marketplace for selling products into that niche; and the blogs and forums will also help reveal needs and frustrations to be found within those niches.

Off-line Sources

Consider your local magazine rack for fresh ideas. Most every niche has magazines dedicated to interested readers, and it is a good bet that, if the magazine has been around for awhile, it has a big enough audience to support the niche.

Finally, consider your own interests and hobbies. These are rich sources of niche ideas where you can identify needs and wants in a marketplace.

So, start you research by identifying some niche ideas that you might want to pursue. Only after you have generated a number of possible niche ideas should you follow-up those ideas by conducting keyword research to estimate both the available traffic, and level of competition, within each niche.

I will cover that topic in a future post.


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