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Internet Marketing Tools: Buyer Keywords Profits Exposed Review

By now you know that the secret to successful online marketing lies in selecting a set of keywords that are closely associated with your niche. The tighter the relationship between the keywords which you are optimizing for, and the niche market you are in, the more targeted the traffic will be that arrives at your site or blog.

Picking the correct keywords is part science and part art; and there are many keyword research tools available to assist you in making your decision. I have written about keyword research tools in other posts, so I won’t take up your time with a review of them here.

Today’s post looks at a slightly different aspect of keyword research and selection: picking the “buying” keywords.

It is estimated that upwards of 85% of search keywords are for “information gathering” purposes only; that is, the user is not looking to make a purchase at the moment. Maybe they are still deciding on the topic, the product, or the brand. Maybe they are just interested in the information for more academic purposes. Whatever the reason, to be a successful Internet marketer, you’ll have to discover, and then focus your efforts upon, the remaining 15% of the search terms; what we will call the “buying” keywords.

This can be a daunting task; one that will take several hours to get through. However, it doesn’t have to be that way.

Mike Mograbi, Mike Chambers, and “Matt”, have developed a product called Buyer Keywords Generator. This product is designed to search out and identify targeted buyer keywords for your niche. This is a well designed and efficient product that will save you hours of work. I could go on and on telling you the benefits of owning this software – but, that isn’t the purposes of this post. If you want to learn more about Buyer Keywords Generator, click on the following link:

Buyer Keywords Generator

What I do want to share with you today is a set of 90+ short videos, named Buyer Keyword Profits Exposed, which is also offered by the Buyer Keywords Generator team. This FREE set of videos discusses such topics as: the three phases of the buying cycle, how to identify buyer keywords, expanding your buyer keywords, how to find buyer keywords, where to find buyer keywords, where to find the best niche sites, how to generate buyer keywords from the search engines, and much more.

You don’t have to purchase the software to gain access to this set of videos; although, you might find it more efficient to spend a little money in order to save a lot of time. Either way, the choice is yours.

Here is the link to sign-up for the free set of Buyer Keyword Profits Exposed videos:

Buyer Keyword Profits Exposed Videos


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Niche Marketing Tools: Internet Business Tutorials

Aussie Internet Marketer Michael Cobb recently released a new collection of 23 instructional video tutorials called “Internet Business Tutorials”. This series of step-by-step video tutorials teach you the right way to set up each aspect of an Internet business.

And the best part is… they are FREE.

Of course, Michael also has a set of special offers for you to consider purchasing – and you are free to do so if you wish – but the full set of Internet Business Tutorials really are free. No catches. No gimmicks.

The 23 videos contain lots of useful information including:

·        Setting up your domain

·        Setting up a hosting account

·        Using Clickbank

·        Using PayPal

·        Adding video and audio to your site

·        Setting up an autoresponder

·        Creating a re-direct page

If you’re struggling to make your Internet business profitable because you just don’t know how to perform some of the “techy” stuff, these 23 videos will be a HUGE benefit to you.

Even if you already have a thriving Internet marketing business, these tutorials will help you push onward, and may even increase your profits.

I don’t know how long Michael will leave these free videos up, so stop by today and get your Internet business going. You will be able to view the videos online or download them for later viewing as soon as you have activated your free membership. You can sign up for your video tutorials here:

=> Internet Business Tutorials



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