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Niche Marketing: Niche Market Research

The key to niche market research is finding the needs of your target market. Watch this short video as the author dives into market research for a niche.

Included in this video is a tour of and how to use forums in your market research. This is a good video if your are having trouble coming up with niche ideas for your on-line business.

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Duration : 0:9:55

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Uncovering Profit-Producing Niche Markets

Jeff Smith, from discuses a strategy for uncovering highly profitable niche markets to make money online. Learn how to use Google Trends, Ezine Articles and Google Search to track down money makeing online niche markets. Jeff walks through an example in the “happiness” market, going from topic sources, through market trends, and, finally, to profitability assessment.

This 9-minute video will help you identify profitable trends and niche markets.

Duration : 0:9:18

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Niche Marketing: Finding a Targeted Niche





Ken, from offers his 3-step system for finding a tergeted niche. In this video, he demonstrates how to find niche ideas through This is an informative and easy to follow video.

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Duration : 0:4:58

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